This baby shower truly blew me away. Bess, the honoree, came in from Pittsburgh for the event thrown by her friend Pree. It was said many times that this was a toned down event for Pree (being pregnant herself), and I can't imagine what it would have been if she had held herself back. From gourmet food from all the lands that had French influence, to many games, prizes, activities, and beautiful decor, party throwing should probably become another job for her. I had the pleasure of photographing this event with my boyfriend, Rushabh (Shubs) Sheth, whom Bess found through Instagram (<--- check out Shubs' to see why she wanted him there!). As it was a couples party, we fit right in and had a blast with all the guests. A beautiful event to help show Bess how loved her baby already is! Nothing better than that.

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